High Demand from End Users to Propel the Sputter Coater Market in Near Future
High Demand from End Users to Propel the Sputter Coater Market in Near Future
Jan 12, 2022

High Demand from End Users to Propel the Sputter Coater Market in Near Future

What should you know about Sputter Coater?

The sputter coater is well defined as a physical vapor deposition method carried out to apply a very thin functional coating layer. Sputter coater is mainly used for coating purposes. It is an electrically conductive purpose. The complete assembly of sputter equipment is comprised of a vacuum chamber integrated with cathode and anode, a substrate is retained of anode providing with electric power.

According to a new study report published by Quince Market Insights, the global sputter coater market was estimated to value USD 754.9 million in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.50% during the forecast period 2021 to 2030. 

Additionally, sputter coating is a profitable way of applying a coating layer on the electrically conductive material. In this sputter coating process, the free electrons flow from the negatively charged target sources material in the plasma environment towards the positively charged substrate, thereby forming a film coating.

The assembly differs with the type of sputtering methods such as co-sputtering reactive, magnetron, and sputtering methods. In the case of magnetron sputtering, the magnetic field is mainly used to control the behavior and velocity. These magnetrons are mainly used for large-scale systems where substrate scan linearly past the objectives on the conveyor belt.

Which Factors will Boost the Sputter Coater Market?

Here are some factors, which will boost the market growth: the sputter coating technology is vastly being executed in the glass coating technology market. The increasing technological innovation in the glass displays in aiding to the development of glass coating, which will indirectly boost the sputter coating market in the forthcoming period. Additionally, the technological innovations in the semiconductor industry have lead to the development of Internet of things (IoT) market. Sputter coating technology also finds it application in semiconductor industry, which will drive the demand for sputter coater market. 

Hence, the increasing demand for IoT market is anticipated to propel the market growth. In addition, there are numerous technologies under sputter coating which comprises ion-assisted deposition, which is one of the procedures. This process is being used in medical implants, which is in return, pushing the demand for sputter coatings in the healthcare business. 

In addition, the increasing concern and recent government rules for controlled hexavalent chrome emission is further propelling the demand for market across the globe. The increasing demand for decorative and functional coatings in the transportation and automotive industry is also contributing to the growth of the product market.

The Limitations for Growth in the Sputter Coater Market?

Conversely, the application and use of sputter coating technology comprises high spending which is limiting the development of the market. Furthermore, suitable application of sputter coating requires extremely skilled specialists. These factors are predictable to slow the development of the market across the globe.

High Demand from End User are Likely to Drive the Sputter Coater Market 

In sputter coater market, there are major more than 3 types of end users are automotive, institutes, electronics and semiconductor, and others. Among all, the electronics and semiconductor segment of end user holds the maximum share in the sputter coater market. The electronics and semiconductor segment having high demand of sputter coater on account of augmented growth of these industries, and technological advancements are anticipated to drive the market growth.

Major Companies in the Sputter Coater Market are: Quorum Technologies, ULVAC, Cressington Scientific Instruments, Buhler, Oxford Instruments, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, PLASSYS Bestek, Semicore Equipment, and PVD Products 


Cost effective sputter coater are likely to boost the market growth in the forecast period. The high demand from end users will also boost the market growth in the near future. 


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