Evolution of the Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery, Growth Drivers, COVID-19 Impact, & Recent Advancements
Evolution of the Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery, Growth Drivers, COVID-19 Impact, & Recent Advancements
Dec 29, 2021

Evolution of the Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery, Growth Drivers, COVID-19 Impact, & Recent Advancements

Limb lengthening is a successful procedure, which is possible due to body’s inherent trait to regenerate any soft tissues, new bone, nerves that encompass the bone, and bloods vessels. In 2021, the global limb/leg lengthening surgery market was worth USD 4.1 million and the industry is projected to exhibit rapid growth of 8.5% CAGR during the forecast period, as per the recent study by Quince Market Insights.

Limb-lengthening surgery has been around in some form for more than 80 years. However, due to advancements in medical technology, including the launch of a full-weight-bearing, FDA-approval for implants in 2018, the operation has risen in popularity and due to increasing focus on aesthetics in recent years. Major companies such as Orthofix Medical Inc., (U.S.), Cosmetic Limb Lengthening - Betz Institute (Germany), NuVasive, Inc. (U.S.), Sky Surgicals (India), are focusing on new product launch and research and development for providing innovative healthcare solutions.

Evolution of Bone Lengthening Devices 

Limb lengthening is an ancient technique. Limb/Leg Lengthening process starts with an operation called osteotomy. This process comprises the bone that is to be elongated to be severed and stabilized later using frames or fixation devices. The motorized lengthening nails are extremely popular and this standard is here to stay.

Major Reasons that Led to the Growth of Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery

· Achondroplasia 

Achondroplasia is the name given to extreme dwarfism. Here the clinicians adopt transverse strategy wherein the lengthening can be stopped at any given time and the diminutiveness can be corrected along with any irregularities seen in achondroplasia. This is so because the soft tissues in achndroplasia are incessantly long with magnitude ranging from 25 to 3o cms that can be resolved with extensive lengthening. Bifocal tibial lengthening is adopted for knee and ankle deformities.

· Cosmetic lengthening 

Bone lengthening for ordinary height or diminutive stature has come to light with aesthetic reasons coming into play. Psychological factors are to be considered here. Psychiatric evaluation is mandatory for all patients to rule out body dysmorphic disorder. The Ilizarov method is significantly important in cosmetic limb lengthening as one is pleased with oneself with a heightened level of social activities seen.

· Upper extremity lengthening 

Upper extremity lengthening is characterized by shortening of the forearm bones, physical growth arrest, amputation, infection and shortening on account of trauma. Upper extremity lengthening is not given its due because of high rate of complications with this form of bone lengthening.

· Affordable Healthcare

Affordable healthcare and the access to trained and well-qualified doctors and healthcare professionals have brought healthcare industry in developing nations like India, Malaysia, and Singapore out of the shadows and into the limelight, which is drawing patients from developed countries. Thus, growing medical tourism, particularly in India, offers innovative healthcare solutions at affordable prices, opening doors to a flourishing opportunity for the limb/leg lengthening surgery market. Limb/leg lengthening surgery is mostly unchained surgery in India, which means that licensed medical practitioners perform it at a large scale without burdens of government restrictions on various parameters for performing the surgery.

Covid-19 Impact on the Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery Market

The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic brought to reality manifold worries to surgical care.  Due to the lowering in bed count and operating room capabilities, urgent and semi-elective surgical operations were deferred significantly. With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, healthcare systems have started to come alive from the impact of the pandemic leading to opportunities for ambulatory facilities and clinics. This has assuaged exposure of patients to COVID with a minimal duration of hospitalization. This offers potential leverage for limb/leg lengthening surgery market growth during the forecast period.

Lucrative Opportunities in the Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery Market

The limb/leg lengthening surgery market for limb/leg lengthening surgery has potential growth opportunities in nail, prostheses, and external fixation. The global limb/leg lengthening surgery market is segmented based on end user, procedure, and region. The lengthening over nail procedure segment is anticipated to display growth at a rapid pace during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to new treatment choices over lower-limb length discrepancies. These new choices have decreased the incidence and complexities in bone lengthening. The bone length regeneration equalizes the length of a person's limbs. This enhances the personal appearance of the individual by improving both cosmetic and functional appearance, which is driving the growth of the segment.  

Advancements in Limb/Leg Lengthening Surgery Market

Increasing focus on appearance and aesthetics due to the growth of the cosmetics industry is multiplying the number of people opting for cosmetic surgeries around the world. Changing views about looks and beauty influenced by movies and social media has resulted in rise in number of people seeking cosmetic surgeries. Further, technological advancements in medicine have come up with relatively fast and painless minimally invasive surgeries, which are quick and have a fast recovery.

Transformations in the wellness sector have resulted in improved healthcare solutions. Advances in medical science have resulted in the growth of ambulatory canters and specialty care centers with state of art facilities. For instance, In February of 2021, In the United States and Europe, Orthofix Medical OFIX (U.S.) introduced the FITBONE intramedullary lengthening technology. This most recent discovery is intended to aid the company's global expansion in the extremities business. The FITBONE intramedullary lengthening system has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has received the CE (European Conformity) Mark in Europe. Treatment options for deformity correction and limb lengthening will be available with the new product.


In orthopedic surgery, the limb lengthening is a rapidly developing field. Reduced duration of treatment and recent advances to stimulate bone regeneration will be the real revolution in limb lengthening surgery.

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