Is Drone Racing the Start of New Drone Sport?
Is Drone Racing the Start of New Drone Sport?
Jan 12, 2022

Is Drone Racing the Start of New Drone Sport?

As the World Health Organization proclaimed Covid-19 a global pandemic, the noose of panic tightened around businesses all around the world. The electronics industry is the industry that has been hit the most by this pandemic. The electronics business has been undergoing a revolution for quite some time, and ever since the craze for drone has spread in the world, the market value has increased vastly. Drone market is driven by shifting consumer preferences, rising e-commerce, and fierce competition. We've tried to comprehend the challenges ahead and map out everything in our in-depth blog as the world tries to decipher the "new normal."

What exactly is Drone racing?

Drone racing is a competitive activity in which drone pilots fly around and through course obstacles in first person view (FPV) at speeds exceeding 80 mph. Typically, pilot’s use a screen or FPV goggles to view video feeds from small cameras installed on the front of their drones. Drone races can take place anywhere, including backyards, parks, stadiums, even abandoned constructions. Races can run as long as the battery life allows, and practically anyone can become a racer with the right training from a reputable drone school. Drone racing pushes the boundaries of machine and human interaction. You may feel compelled to move quickly, but mobility is the key. Obstacles and gates arise suddenly, requiring split-second reaction time.

Drone Racing: Is it a real Sport or just a Fad?

Drone racing is a specialised activity as an athletic game. Drone racing is an adrenaline-pumping activity, but it also qualifies as a fad due to its rapid surge in popularity. The racing drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle created for drone racing competitions. The rise in the number of drone racing events and competitions among millennial, such as the drone racing league, and others, will boost the global racing drone market over the forecast period. Increasing desire for new drones with improved technologies is fuelling the global market for racing drones. 

For the time being, the sport is popular and continues to flourish on a local, national, and international scale. DJI, the world's leading drone manufacturer, launched a drone arena in South Korea in August 2016, where its flight academy offers drone instruction and racing. Fans believe it can be a long-term sport around the world with this kind of support and the hope that these arenas will grow outside South Korea. Think about it. Last year, over 40 million people watched recorded highlights of a professional drone race at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The amount of money the market is receiving is a considerable growth in the market revenue. It is one of the fastest growing market in the word. The global racing drone market size was valued at USD 425 million in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% during the forecast period.

Could Drone Racing be the Next Big Thing?

The nature of these races is also likely to change in the future, as drone racing can replace major games to make the gaming market more interesting and fun. As companies assign sustainability goals, drone racing services will be a crucial tactic embraced by several firms. Drone racing is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular sports. Drone racing because it is less expensive than most other pastimes.

The fact that anyone with a computer can buy a drone and watch tutorials online makes the learning curve for this activity one of the shortest in the world. What makes drone racing so accessible is that there are several excellent beginner drones on the market that are ready to fly right away, allowing even inexperienced pilots to participate.

Is there a bright future for drone racing?

To many people, drones represent a variety of things. It's a hobby that almost everyone gets into because of the thrill of flight and the photos we can take. Commercial prospects for mapping, videography, and structural inspection abound for some business-minded individuals. It's all about the excitement of competition for a new generation of pilots.

Drone racing, for example, is thrilling to watch but is only a small part of something much larger. Drones' future as an industry is bright and expanding by the day. When compared to manned flight, drone aviation allows everyone to fly for pennies on the dollar. Drone schools, such as DART drones, train many students who are new to aviation as well as those who are not new to aviation but are interested in this new sector.

Although before entering this sector one should consider few FAQs and get a thorough research done just to be sure. Like exact what makes drone racing exciting? How Fast Do Racing Drones Fly? As per new DGCA rules the licenses are mandatory. So it’d be a good question to ask yourself if you need a Drone Pilot License to Race, before you jump into the racing business. Also, are there drone racing clubs and leagues? If yes then, how do I join a drone racing league?

And the big question of all, do drone racing pilots make money? Cover all your grounds before entering the field because if drone racing is an entry point for many new people into this wonderful sector, then I say bring ‘em on!


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