What are Some Facts you Should Know About Aircraft Engine?
What are Some Facts you Should Know About Aircraft Engine?
Jan 12, 2022

What are Some Facts you Should Know About Aircraft Engine?

The aircraft engine - just a simple engine! We have interrogated experts and we bring interesting facts for you.

Do you know that Aircraft Engine is Costly?

Yes, aircraft engine are costly. Because airlines always purchase their aircraft with the engines attached, it’s challenging to say just how costly they are. And the value differs per engine type, of path. Approximately, prices range from USD 12 to 35 million.

Which Is the Largest Aircraft Engine at Present?

General Electric’s is an American multinational company how had invented biggest aircraft engine as of now. The GE90-115B, with a 3.25 metres diameters, creating in a pounds of 115,000 thrust, is presently the largest in the world. You will definitely find these big boys hanging below the wings of KLM’s Boeing 777-300s, which are effortlessly familiar because they are all named after world heritage sites, such as the Yellowstone National Park.

How does a Jet Engine Exactly Work?

A jet engine is related to a piston engine, but it is a lit bit more complex. As a substitute for having a design that uses fuel burned to change pistons through a four-stroke cycle, a jet engine is power-driven by repeatedly spinning turbine blades. Creation of the turbine blades spin, necessities a continuous source of fuel and air to burn.

What are the Major Trends in the Aircraft Engine Market? 

Growing regional border area disputes, unrest, and terror activities in numerous countries are foremost to an increase in demand for military aircraft, which is anticipated to support market development over the years to come. Furthermore, increasing awareness regarding environmental issues is resulting in an increase in acceptance of electric aircraft and low-emission aircraft, foremost to increased demand for turbo engines and electric engines. 

Did You know that the Market is Blooming?

As per the recent study report published by Quince Market Insights, the global aircraft engine market is projected to reach USD 140.17 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% during a forecast period.

There are several factors that are expected to boost the market growth are air travel has surged significantly in the years to come. A huge chunk of the populace, with high disposable income, now finds traveling through flights a low-cost choice, which is pushing airline carriers to upsurge their fleet size to cater to this demand. This factor is one of the key factors propelling the growth of the aircraft engines market as airline transporters are progressively gathering more and more aircraft. 

Additionally, the air contamination caused by the exhaust fumes produced after the combustion of fuel in aircraft engines is a pressing concern approved by government bodies across numerous economies.

Major Developments by Market Players

October 2019, A UK based aircraft engine manufacturing company named Rolls-Royce, acquired Siemens' electric Aircraft business (hybrid-electric and electric aerospace propulsion) unit of Siemens conglomerate for a hidden amount. The acquirement is projected to boost Rolls-Royce efforts in aircraft electrification, comprising a hybrid eVTOL concept declared in 2018. Siemens is a Germany based multinational company.


The high demand for aircraft engines as airline transporters are gradually ordering more and more aircraft will boost the demand for the aircraft engine market in the near future.

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